Born in the wilds of Kenya, raised feral by a pack of accommodating and well-read hyenas before finding his way to London. Spent many years working in the glamorous (ha!) film and television industry in that fair city, concentrating on the art/props side of the business called show. Eventually, he washed up on the shores of Los Angels in the noughties, upon arriving in Hollywood he promptly left the film industry. Instead went to work in the world of lucha libre and burlesque with Lucha VaVOOM, where he designs well anything that needs designing really, posters, masks, tee shirts, graphics, etc. He also DJs for them under the noms de guerre “Sonic Ape” & “Pistola Del Mar”, like to keep people guessing who’s spinning the tracks. But the film industry doesn’t let you off that easily and he’s quite often drawn back in to do fabrication jobs, mainly with SCPS Unlimited, recent projects with them have been larger installation based jobs.
Well versed in Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, building and scenic skills and miniature modelling, currently learning After Effects and trying to get to grips with the Byzantine interface of Z Brush.
Keen artist, nerdy model maker, eager but average toxophilite, mead brewer, and voracious reader he lives with a small shiba-uahua called Yum Yum.